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All Books of Dr. Narayan Dutt Shrimali. likes. Book. Narayan Dutt Shrimali (Sadgurudev Param Pujya Dr. Narayan Dutta Shrimali Ji) ( 21 PDF processed with CutePDF evaluation edition www. द्विभाषीय पुस्तकेंBilinguals Books · बाल साहित्यChildren Books · शब्दकोश Your search for NARAYAN DUTT SHRIMALI results 6 Book(s).

Narayan Dutt Shrimali Paramhansa Nikhileshwaranand ascetically — , Jodhpur [1] was an academian and astrologer.

He has written over books on various topics. Shrimali was born in deep inside region of Rajasthan on 21 April He was attracted to ancient Indian mystic literature and had deep longing to revive the ancient Hindu culture. He started as a teacher in a school but later went on to the Himalayas to attain more knowledge about his passion and aim of life; the ancient knowledge of Hindu religious texts.

Apart from Astrology, he is also considered as the one of the most prominent authorities on Mantra,Tantra,Yantra,Ayurveda. At the same time he is also considered to be a contributing reviver of these subjects as well as introducing them to the general poulation. It is widely believed that he met several highly elevated Yogis in the Himalayas and Tibet during his sanyas period and acquired intricate procedures to attain various siddhis mentioned in religious texts and made them public for common people's knowledge.

Among his followers he is considered the person responsible for bringing the intricacies of ancient sadhana procedures to the general public's knowledge.

Shrimali was married to Bhagavati Devi at the early age of He was inspired by the ancient Indian sciences such as Mantra and Tantra from his childhood. His eagerness to learn the ancient sciences made him leave his home and search of masters in the Himalayas.

He wandered in the Himalayas as a Sanyasi.

He became complete master and enlightened; His Guru ordered him to go back to his family life and spread his knowledge to the common society. He took up the arduous task of removing the misconceptions of Mantra and Tantra in the society and making the secret knowledge of Mantra, Tantra available to the common man.

Vrihad HastaRekha - Dr. Narayan Dutt Shrimali

He left his mortal frame on 3 July Initially the magazine was available in Hindi and English. Shrimali was nominated as the President of the World Astrology Conference from amongst representatives of various countries in In The magazine contains Dr. Bhattarai for his unique and singular work in the social and religious fields.

Shrimali's speeches given to his disciples. Rahasyamaya gopniya siddhiyaan. Shmashaan bhairavi.

Mantra Rahasya - Dr Narayan Datt Shrimali

Shankar Dayal Sharma. Shrimali started the now defunct monthly magazine Mantra Tantra Yantra Vigyan in the year The English version was later discontinued. The articles published in this magazine are aimed at providing material as well as spiritual fulfilments.

He presided over the World Astrological Conference in Delhi in Rahasmaya Agyaat tatntron ki khoj men. Shrimali was honored with the title of "Maha Mahopadhyay" [1] in by the then Vice-President of India. Himalaya ke yogiyon ki gupt siddhiyaan.

Subodh Hastarekha. Practical Hypnotism English Edition. The Power of Tantra. Tantrik Siddhiya. Hastakshar Vigyan. Gopaniya Rahasyamay Siddhiyan. Ank Dipika.

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Jyotish Yog Chandrika. Kundali Darpan. Jyotish-Yog Dipika.

Falit Jyotish. Bharatiya Jyotish. Janma Patri Rachna.

Dashafal Darpan. Ank Jyotish. Varshfal Darpan.

Mantra Rahasya. Vruhad Hast-Rekha Shastra. Practical Hypnotism Hindi Edition.

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